How to reuse quality camera from old / broken phone

Hello, i was wondering how hard is to reuse (hack) with arduino an old phone camera?
Or those replacement parts for broken phones.

Take a look at those pictures.
What should a startup know about cameras?

Do you have a datasheet for the camera ? If not, how do you propose to use it ?

i know, but how hard is to do a reverse engineering on it? i was imagining that is just a sensor with lens

I imagine you're going to find out. You are probably not going to get any help here.

i found out that there are a lot of manufactures for those sensors, we need to find out who is making this one and hope to get a datasheet, i do not understand why this will be a big secret... They do sell each component piece by piece why should be any different with cameras? Maybe not the brand new hot items, that they put in last iphone or samsung phone (for exclusivity), but 1-2 years old should be fine. I guess a little research into this will give me a better understanding

Texas Instruments is making some sensors:

edit: And you can buy some samples Pick one you like -> Fine shop close to home ->

Manufacturers of consumer electronics tend to be very secretive about the design and individual components of their products, and obsolete parts are simply abandoned if it seems expedient.

To reverse engineer that camera would be a difficult task for an experienced engineer with lots of expensive equipment, and an utterly hopeless task for a beginner. It has 15 pins! What does each one do? And why bother?

To get an idea of how hard it is for someone who knows what they are doing to hack a commercial product, you might find this account interesting. Here, Sparkfun challenges us to figure out how to interface with a laser range finder (potentially very useful for building robots).