How to send data to PC/app from sensors connected to Arduino


I want to send data in real-time from the sensors connected to my Arduino project to my PC or Android app. I would like see any real-time changes detected by the sensors as a graph on the PC or inside a smartphone app. How to achieve that? Are there any telemetry software already available or do i need to code my own from scratch?

Thanks in advance.

How to achieve that?

Sending the data from the Arduino is trivial. The proper combination and placement of calls to Serial.begin(), Serial.print(), Serial.println(), and/or Serial.write() statements will accomplish that.

Getting the data into the PC/Android is equally simple. Some app on the PC or Android, that is connected to the proper serial port, can read the data from the serial port.

The hard part is presenting that data to the user in a meaningful way. The Serial Plotter app is one program for the PC that can present analog data from any number of sensors. It doesn't deal with digital sensor data in a meaningful way.

No need to reinvent the wheel

Arduino code


PC -
Android - Bluetooth Graphics Terminal

Both give live graphs.