How to use 4 motors &4 drivers on 2 axies(X&Y) (shield v3 + uno + A4988 +nema17)

I am traying to make a DIY hot wair foam cutter CNC
Using only 2 axies ( X and Y ).

Planing to use ( 2 nema17 motors + 2 A4988 drivers ) For each 4 motors and 4 drivers for the CNC.

Electronic part and power i have
Shield v3
4 nema 17 stepper motors
4 A4988 drivers
12 volt DC

GRBL controller OR Universal G code sender

QUESTION : How i can use (2 motors + 2 drivers) for each axies if i can only clone (slave) one axies (A) in the shield v3 !!!?

Is there any way to clone(slave) Z axies for X axies or Y axies ??

I need solution other than :

Using another shield v3 to clone all axies or using singal drivers to drive 2 motors for each axies ( conect 2 motors wair togather)

Pleas help me


CNC hot wair foam cutter

The V3 shield will not do what you want as shown by your pics.
You may want to re-think your approach to your problem.

I can follow having two different Z's but the wire length will change as if goes diagonal and so will the other axis.
What are you doing to account for that otherwise its a dead end with lots of broken wire or motor failures.

If there is no need fo angle cuts it is possible with care to use a "Y" adaptor for the axis approach.

but a prefered method would be to use a single motor and a belt to the next tower / stage to keep the axis synchronised.

You can use those drivers in a stand alone mode without the shield for clone purposes too.

From what little experience I have with my CNC, I agree with BSB above. Better to use a belt. Parasitic noise and other issues will inevitably cause one or more steppers to miss steps causing the pair to be out of sink. Too far out and your wire snaps or you bend/break something even more expensive.