I compiled free online courses and resources for learning Robotics

I'd really appreciate input on the my spreadsheet, especially the 'projects' column.

Note: I'm a graduated Mechanical Engineer B.S. out of university. Most classes I'm looking into assume a Sophomore Engineering level of math and physics.

Link to spreadsheet: Copy of Online Learning Resources - Robotics - Google Sheets

I'm hoping to find great Arduino projects, or sets of little projects, to develop my skills with sensors, motors, and programming (general robotics).

I'm currently familiar with the fundamentals, personally. For example, I completed and elaborated on the Easy Inverted Pendulum Instructable, and I'm hoping to move on in one of two ways: either learn skills to further refine this project (encoders, better PID, accelerometers), or start another project at the same or slightly higher level that uses a few kinds of sensors or actuators not used in the Inv Pendulum.