I need Servo motor Driver ---- 28VDC 5A

I have DC 28V Servo Motor i wanna control it by Arduino
the Servo motor have 7 wires
3 for Potentiometer
3 +28V for 3 motors

inside of the Servo motor is:
1 DC motor for rotation left
1 DC motor for rotation right
1 DC motor for clutches and brakes (it should work whenever the servo rotate)

there's 2 limit switch to stop the rotation motors automatic.

This is the diagram for circuit board inside of the motor:

Rotation Motors 28+-4Vdc
clutches and brakes 28+-4Vdc
Potentiometer 30V Max

Rotation Motors Max 5A
Brake Motor Max 0.8A

Potentiometer: 900-1200 Ohm

I would like to drive this motor by Arduino with just 3 wires (GND, +5V, PWM)
like i'm driving normal servo motor 3 wires 5V ....

Welcome to the forum.

Can you provide some pictures of your servo assembly and the PCB please.
Also the part number/maker etc or link to data/specs of the assembly please.

Thanks.. Tom... :slight_smile:

You claim to have a servomotor, then you claim to have 3 motors.

Rather than attempt a half-baked description of your hardware please provide part number,
datasheet, photos, etc.

I very much doubt you have 3 motors.