ILI9341 Display only wiring

Hey everyone,

I recently bought a 2.8" TFT Display, without the shield. I plan on using other MCU's with this so I didn't want to limit myself to using only an Arduino. Anyway, I was wondering if there was any information on how I should wire it up. I looked at the datasheet included in the Adafruit website, here:

Is it as simple as connecting all the voltage sources ( VDDI, VCI ) to 3.3V, all GNDs to ground, and then making a voltage divider to the SPI connections? Heres a picture of what I have currently:


Note that CS, DC, RST, ... all need to be 3.3V logic as well as SCK, SDI, SDO.

Life is much simpler if you just buy a proper 3.3V Arduino like Zero or Due.
It is even better when you buy an SPI ILI9341 board like the Red ones on Ebay with Touch Controller and SD cage.