Increase the number of led matrix to 8

I am stuck in library ledcontrol.I dow't want to use MD_library and stuff.I tried to increase the number of led matrix from 4 to 8 but this is what I got
It should display 12:16:20

I am pretty sure that code is correct
The original code
ledcontrol_original.ino (15.9 KB)
My code:
ledcontrol4.ino (15.6 KB)

Code ?

ledcontrol_original.ino (15.9 KB)
My code:

Please check the pinout for the led matrix. You haven't provided a model number or link for the LED matrix....
My first check would be the wiring between the matrix's.
e.g. the wiring in your picture is straight 1:1. This is probably OK for power and gnd, but maybe the signal wiring needs looking at?
The shift register chips for every matrix element has a data in and data out. Make sure sure "data out" from module 1 is connected to "data in" on the second.

Then swap the matrix to make sure the second one actually works :slight_smile:

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No signal wiring is correct

Perhaps USB cannot provide enough current for 8 8x8 matrices?

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Even when I try out in proteus,I got the sme problem

Does the "original code" work properly with both displays?

There is no difference between the two codes you posted, they both appear to be the original code.

Yes it works well

So - why not?

Is there still the 10k rule?

Would not give that appearance!

Check the continuity of the wires between the two modules - and your soldering.

That would be the second thing to look at. At least plug it in as the first if you have not yet fitted the "out" end headers.

No. It went with the old forum software

If I copy code of ready library ,what I will learn so ?
Both matrix work well but if I put them together as I did with that code ,a problem of orientation come up
I changed wire and this is what I got

So it was a dud wire to start with. OK, so you say

Does that mean that if you put the left hand matrix in place of the right, it works exactly the same (with of course, the same code running) as the one on the right?

If so there clearly is something wrong with your code.

I just followed the method of scrolling that is used in original code and I think my code is logically correct

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My supervisor teacher proposed to me Led 32*8 matrix scrolling text display with control via bluetooth to be my graduation project and i found this code the most appropriate one for programming my nano arduino but unfortunately , i didn't understand it espacially the part of buffer

Arduino Code.txt (29 KB)

Put that code in the bin; it’s junk; way too much code.

Put that code in the bin; it's junk; way too much code.

Besides that, if this is YOUR graduation project, shouldn't it be an original work? You should be writing your own code rather than trying to "find" it on the internet.