Intermittent jittering servo

I'm controlling a Hitech servo from a 10k slider via a Nano. For a while the motion tracks the slider position even when moved quickly.

Then, for no reason I can find, it will stop following smoothly & only move in jittery steps & then move as expected again!

YouTube vid of the behaviour

Anyone seen this kinda thing before?

I can see almost nothing in that vid, certainly not what any slider is doing.

But jittering/uneven movement problems are often caused by powering the servo via the Arduino 5V pin or a weak battery or by connecting it via a breadboard or similar high resistance connections. Or sometimes by bad code.

So some details of the servo, power, circuit diagram and the code you're using might help.


Yeah just rewatched it, sorry about the lighting in the vid.

The circuit is the same as on the examples page for the servo pot example built on a bread board.

The servos power doesnt come from the Nano but does share the same power supply.

The servo is a Hitec HS-625MG

The power supply must be able to provide at least 2.5 Amperes (the stall current), or the servo will misbehave.

Just changed the power supply & now its all working thankyou for your help.