Inverter 12 volt to 230 volt Example PCB

I made and experimental Inverter Printed Circuit Board for my offgrid solarpanels. The project is based on inverter by Lewis Loflin.

Schematic and PCB are made with the arduino crowd famous eagle PCB layout program. The brd file, original arduino sketch and my own upcoming verion of the arduino sketch, can be found on: Inverter 12 Volt to 230 Volt with arduino | Techmind beta

I made a english version to place some of my arduino experiments and projects

Remember the general disclaimer: 'if you play with electricity, it is at your own risk, and only you are responsible for the danger in this kind of projects'

hope you find the inverter usefull :wink:

Looks like some good work on this inverter circuit.

If you want to learn more about how to apply Fourier Series to inverters, here is a good post.