kit of component for starter... where?

Hi all! I'm coming back to develop projects with my arduino after a pairs of years. I have been buying some components, but i'm in doubt about what i should buy... there is a common kind of component that are usefoul for many common project? What i can avoid? go to the electronic store to buy, for example... 2 resistor of 1omh by say something... So, any clue? A link for a kit? Thanks a lot!! Roberto

go to dipmicro and grab their collections of parts scroll down or at least a bunch of 270 ohm resistors, 0.1uF caps, NPN transistors or ULN2803 driver chips (8 drive transistors).

Some 74HC595 shift out registers

5V power supply, with 5.5/2.1mm plug

some push button switches

Browse around, get some ideas, costs are really good and shipping is low. Maybe a spare ATmega328 in case you damage one.

I don't see any 7-segment displays, maybe pick up a few of those (common anode) and maybe some LED matrixes?

There's a nice assortment for $20 called the "Experimenter's Pack" available from...

.. a good source for all sorts of things. Be sure to include in your order a few of their mini breadboards.

Thank you very much! I will look and if i have another doubt i will ask here again ;) Greets! Roberto

Update your geographic profile Roberto, helps us make knowledgeble source suggestions also.

CrossRoads, i have updated my location. By the way i'm on Santiago of Chile in South America.

Greets, Roberto

What do you have available for electronics suppliers there? Be expensive to have stuff shipped from the US I would think.

You'll probably have an idea of what to get now, but the one thing I didn't see anyone mention is: If you buy something like resistors, don't get just the two you need. If you need two, get ten. If you need ten, get twenty. You'll always find yourself in a situation like "I need this 'n that resistor NOW" and your box with resistors of that specific value is empty. Since they come pretty cheap in most cases it's no problem getting a couple extra's.