Large LCD

I cannot find any reference to buy/interface an arduino to a large lcd.
I can buy a complete temperature and humidity module from ebay with a large display for a few dollars such as the KT-905 with dimensions of about 95mm by 68mm.
Can anyone suggest where a mono display like this used in the KT-905 can be purchased and the interfacing s/w needed for an arduino. I need this size as my eyesight is not brilliant?
Thanks in anticipation of a reply.

It has a custom LCD panel. It only displays the specific icons or 7-segments.

A Graphic LCD like KS0108 or ST7920 can display "anything" i.e. they can address a full matrix of pixels e.g. 128x64 or 8192 individual pixels.

Your custom LCD has ten 7-seg and about 10 special icons. i.e. about 90 individual pixels.

The size of an LCD is not expensive. The complexity is expensive. The average KS0108 is 10 times more complex.

There will always be "surplus" custom LCDs on the market. But I doubt if you want to buy 1000 at a time.


Look for a small VGA monitor.

I have wondered about the Arduino projects to drive a VGA display, but this sounds like a practical application.

biggest LCD module that has enough characters for my task:

big character LCD module

Thank you all for the possible solutions.
The KS0108 is certainly worth pursuing. The big character LCD is OK but the characters are not well formed.
A VGA display is a good idea maybe for some projects but for low power battery applications is a bit impractical.
Your replies have given me good starting points.

Like David said, it might be worth to look into large graphics LCDs. Some huge displays with ST75256 controller are available, example:
Search for ST75256 to find those displays.

U8g2 Arduino lib supports these displays and also includes large fonts and weather symbols:


Thanks Karma,

I looked at the site and it appears that it isn't possible to just have 1 or 2 large lines but seems limited to what is shown below. However, I will investigate this further.

4 Display content:

(1) 256*128 dot matrix monochrome pictures or 4 grayscale pictures

(2) Show 16 8 lines=64 of 1616 dot matrix Chinese, according to 12*12 dot matrix Chinese computing display 10 words / 10 line

(3) Show 32 8 lines=256 of 816 dot matrix in English, digital, symbol

(4) Display42 16 rows of 58 dot matrix in English, digital, symbol

(5) Choose 16*16 dot matrix or other bitmap pictures from the chinese can also match to show chinese

I looked at the site and it appears that it isn't possible to just have 1 or 2 large lines but seems limited to what is shown below.

This is a misunderstanding. These line numbers given are just examples of the build-in extra functions of the display. Instead with Arduino U8g2 library you can choose any font height (resulting a specific number of lines). If the font characters are about 64 pixel height, then you will have only two lines for a 256x128 display.

Have a look here: fntlistall · olikraus/u8g2 Wiki · GitHub


There is a large character LCD available on eBay as per below

The above would be OK but maybe an alternative would be to use a TFT type which provides flexible character size.

So many possibilities!

I have successfully used the UTFTGLUE library for a 3.5 inch TFT
However, I'm having difficulty with the installation of fntlistall · olikraus/u8g2 Wiki · GitHub
as it doesn't seem to install properly. Sorry to be an ignorant pest but could you please run me through the procedure?
Also, could the UTFTGLUE library be used as an alternative?

You install U8g2lib via the IDE Library Manager.

Then run all the U8g2lib examples with your particular displays.

If you have a problem, quote which example. quote your constructor statement.
Post a link to the actual display that you bought e.g. Ebay sale.

Incidentally, UTFTGLUE is useful for an existing legacy program.
Use GFX methods for any new project.
The same advice applies. Quote example and link to your display.