Lexmark inkjet printhead - 10N0016 hacking

I am trying to hacking into inkjet cartridge for my own project application, some day ago I’ve brought a Lexmark inkjet printer Z617 and its has two cartridge
(BLK : 10N0016 and COLOR : 10N0026). At the beginning i’m just working on a BLK cartridge 10N0016 first, which has 204 nozzles and with 600dpi resolution.
however, i have some problem of how to driver this cartridge and many unknown of cartridge circuit and hope can one may suggesting to me…???
*** my problem is in item 4 : Please take a look in below. ***

1.) i was google on internet and hope can find some schematic or information on that, however, no luck cannot find any information on that, it seem no many people to do that before
than i was trying to find my way to work out on that… first, i did work out below schematic which is for (only one nozzle)

2.) I’ve checking each contact pad of a cartridge and label each pad application.

3.) i was solder 4nos signal wire from a printer, and connect to my oscilloscope and get some waveform reading.
1.) Address 1
2.) Primitive 1
3.) GND
4.) Power

4.) according to above testing of a printer and cartridge, than i using arduino1280 and ULN2803A to made a pulse to firing up a nozzle, I have no idea why it don’t fire any ink ???
(see below pic is a waveform which generated by my arduino… i am not sure that am i need to making same waveform as reading from a printer ??? than i can firing up a nozzle ???)
Address 1 —> pulse 1
Primitive 2 —> pulse 2
Power —> 13.5V (pull high : According to oscilloscope reading from printer,
power line always pull high when active Primitive line)

tv7957ht: At the beginning i'm just working on a BLK cartridge 10N0016 first, which has 204 nozzles and with 600dpi resolution.

I think you mean it has 24 nozzles. I've one in front of me and it looks like about 25 * 2 connections to the nozzles. There are 42 connection points plus 3 round holes and 2 square ones. I think the holes are there for positioning the connection 'film' during manufacture. I notice that one side of the printhead connections is marked with a '+', suggesting that the other side has to be connected to ground.

Which connections have you identified?



Hi, tv7957ht, have you news about your pinout researche and printhead driving?
Pins are the same as for DELL v715w thermal printer (all lexmark items inside).
Can you give me information on yours A1-A13 and P1-P16 pins? please

i had drop off this project a few years ago, which status you had right now, as your questions, I need to pick up my previous information again and let you know.