LoRa Xbee and Xbee Shield

Hello everyone, I’m new here and I hope someone can help me.

I have two Arduino Uno to make a point to point conextion with LoRa.
One of the Arduino is connected with a Grove Shield and a LoRa Grove module it’s connected to the Shield. This part it´s OK.

But the other Arduino is a Xbee Shield with a Dragino LoRa Bee and I can’t detect the LoRa Bee. I use the RadioHead library and the example code from Dragino wiki and it isn’t work in my project.

Maybe did I forgot to configure the shield or something similar, like the jumpers that it has? Or is the Dragino Lora Bee not compatible with this type of shield?

This is the Shield Xbee.
And this the Dragino LoRa Bee.
I attach an image of the montage, called photo.jpg.

Any advices? All help it’s welcome and thanks in advance.

Any advices? All help it's welcome and thanks in advance.

Start with two identical devices, much easier to prove they are working as RX\TX in that way.

Be sure the LoRa modules and sheilds you are using are desined for connection to 5V Arduinos, the LoRa devices need 3.3V logic levels.