MKR1400 Will not connect to network

Took 4 times to activate SIM card and was charged $1.50 each time for a FREE TRIAL. Now that the SIM has finally activated and I have credentials, the MKR1400 will not get past Setup Step 6 “Connecting To Cloud”. I keep getting

We couldn’t connect to the GSM network.
Are you sure the external antenna is connected? Is the SIM card inserted correctly? Verify the credentials and upload the Sketch again.
If this problem persists, you may write us on the Forum.

So here I am writing in the forum…The antenna is connected, SIM card is inserted as the picture indicated and I have attached a 6600mAh battery to prevent under current conditions while transmitting but after running the config wizard 20 times with no luck (I have even tried via my laptop outside to prevent interference from being inside) I am at a lost. Attached is a picture showing antenna, battery and SIM placement just in case I doing something wrong.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated, I am in the Northern Virginia area about 15 miles outside of Washington, DC so I would hate to think this area is not covered, there is no way of telling what area are covered other than selecting USA as my country and it says that is covered?!?!?