Mp3 player streaming to Bluetooth speaker

I am a complete beginner and am wondering if there is a way to create what I think I want. I want to play mp3 from a micro SD card and stream it to a Bluetooth speaker.

Thank you in advance for you time.

The SD card needs to be on the same module that is playing the MP3 file and the bluetooth module needs to be capable of working in the audio mode which the cheap ones are not.

That just leaves the Arduino to set up the bluetooth and pass the file names to the MP3 module.

I am thinking of starting with a Arduino Uno Rev3 and then putting the SparkFun MP3 Player Shield over it. And then connect the Bluetooth SMD Module - BC127 so it will play on a Bluetooth speaker.

Do you think that will work?


SparkFun MP3 Player Shield

Bluetooth SMD Module - BC127

I don’t know if it is important or not but the speaker I want to link it to uses Bluetooth 4.0

Yes that should work. You will also need a voltage regulator to supply the correct voltage to the module. It is 4.6V maximum so you can't power it with 5V. You will also need logic level shifters so you can connect the signals to the higher voltage uno.

Alternitave you could run the Uno a lower voltage, say 4V from an external supply put in the 5V pin, then you would not need the level shifters but you would have to disconnect the Bluetooth module before programming the Uno.

Finally that module is small, can you handle connections to those "pins"?

I refresh this interresting post.
I develop a system with arduino mega and a Nextion screen for my car.
I want to develop a phone and a mp3 interface.
For that I need to take and send data from/to the phone (phone contacts selection, mp3 player...) and communicate with a car bluetooth kit.

I didn't found anything on the web.

Thanks for yours ideas.