Nano Every and Catalina - no Serial Ports

Greetings all, and thanks for all the help you've given in the countless threads I've read here.

Brief history: I have experience with Arduino Uno and Mega. Bought a pack of Nano Everys from Amazon, all in Arduino packaging and I have every reason to believe they are legit.

Problem: I cannot see them in the Arduino IDE in MacOS Catalina. So far I have done the following:

Installed MegaAVR Boards through Boards Manager - can now select Nano Every under Board
Restarted Ardiono IDE (v1.8.12)
Rebooted Mac (2019 Mac Pro running Catalina - fresh install as of two months ago)
Also tested on a 2016 Macbook Pro running Sierra with similar results

Under Port the only options I see are /dev/cu.Bluetooth-Incoming-Port and /dev/cu.pci-seriall22.

I've tried two different Nano Everys, two computers, and two different cables. It certainly feels like a USB serial driver issue. Any input is appreciated.

A pic of one of the Nano Everys is attached.

As an added note, I just noticed that VMWare does not ask if it should direct the new USB device to a VM which tells me that MacOS is not seeing the USB device at all, though the Nano Every is getting power from the cable.

Make sure the USB cable is fully inserted into the USB socket on the Nano Every. Especially on the new boards, it can take a little extra force than you are used to. An incomplete insertion of the cable can result in the power connection being made, but no connection to the data lines, thus no port.

Thanks. No joy, though.

I figured it out, and hopefully this will help others out there because I've seen a lot of similar unsolved threads out there.

My setup looked like this:

[7,1 Mac Pro]---(USB-C)---------(USB-C)---[USB Hub]---(USB-A)-------(USB Micro)---[Nano Every]

The problem seems to be the hub (which is a very nice powered hub BTW), because when I found the one and only USB-C--Micro cable I had, it works like a charm. In other words this works:

[7,1 Mac Pro]---(USB-C)-----------(USB Micro)---[Nano Every]

I also have these little USB-C/A converters and they work with a quality USB-A---Micro cable. It only worked for me without the hub. I have yet not tested with the Macbook pro, but figured an update was warranted.