Nano Not Detected

Hello all,

I've perused the forums and done some troubleshooting on my own, but I'm out of ideas.

My new Arduino Nano 33 BLE is not detected by IDE. When I go to tools -> ports, there is nothing there, other than bluetooth. It's simply not detected.

The orange light is blinking properly (1 second intervals).

-Try new USB cable
-Try different USB ports
-Try connecting to my Macbook, multiple ports
-Try connecting to my Windows desktop, multiple ports
-Check connectivity with my Arduino Uno. It works perfectly.
-Perform every permutation of of unplug/plug in, quit/restart, reboot.
-Double Click button on Nano (Which yields the pulsing light)
-Rollback IDE Nano drivers in board manager (From 3.0.1 to 3.0.0)

Any advice, or perhaps simply a death certificate, would be much appreciated.

You know you can't select the plain vanilla Nano in the boards menu, right? It has to be the 33 BLE specifically.

To issue a death certificate, a definite cause of death must be noted. :slight_smile:

Is any external circuitry attached to the device?

Oh, and one that sometimes gets missed - a close up inspection of the board.

I know that you mentioned that you tried another cble but try a third one. On boards with a micro USB connector, the cause is often the use of a charge-only cable that does not carry the data signals. If you have any other device (e.g. phone) that uses a micro USB connector, check that the cable allows your PC to detect the device.

No death certificate, the patient is healthy.

My word, that did it! I had no idea... Thank you.

Now of course it's having problems with the sketch I'm trying to upload, but that's a different post, for a different category, for another time. For now: great victory!

Thanks again.

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