Need help and idea's on count timer project.

We are building a project , but we have some problems with writing programs for it.
we are just new to arduino an c++
So i put a topic on the arduino forums, and maybe one of you could help us out?

The project is like this.

We have 2 7 segment displays and two buttons to count up and down.
As second we have a led Bar of 20 leds.
and 1 start button.
and 1 reset button.
We use to control the segment display whit a 74hc595 ic and also us it for the led bar.
so in total we have 5 74hc595 IC's

The function of the project.
When you push one button the segment displays count up and when you use the other button it has to coun down.
when you have chosen a number between 1 and 99 you push the start butten and the led bar has to count down in minutes,that you chose on the display.

i hope one of you can help us out whit a program, and give us some idea's tips and tricks to do this.

English is not my first language, and i hope you can understand what i try to explain.

I did something similar some time ago. Do you want my code or are you looking to this by yourself and need help?

let me get this straight
you have 3 input switch
5 74hc595 .
2 7 segment display and
1 20 led bar graph?

urm so the process would be that you would

  1. press 1 button to increment value in 7 segment display while the other will decrement?
  2. when both & segment display have shown the value you want you would press a start switch to start counting down in minutes?
    so what will the bar graph actually be use for?

The best advice I can give you is to start small and work your way up. First learn to get a button to work, then multiple buttons, then try to get the shift registers working, etc. Once you understand how each section of your project works on its own then you can begin to combine them. Check out the learning section of this site for tutorials on how to do each of those.

You're really going to have to put some effort to learn behind this and then everyone will be willing to help you. I highly doubt you're going to find anyone who will write the entire thing for you.

Oh and don't cross post.

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OP, DO NOT CROSS-POST - It wastes time.

I highly doubt you're going to find anyone who will write the entire thing for you.

Unless they're willing to pay, that is (hint: there's a "gigs and collaborations" section :wink: )