Need Help by my plan for a laser show projector

Hey Guys

i have a question i wanna make a “laser show projector thing” with my arduino mega adk and i make already a circuitplan (with fritzing) but i have no idea if this is ok or it wanna blow my house in the air because im a beginner. :sweat_smile:

can anybody please check this and tell me my mistakes?
thank you :wink:

PS: the fritzing project is in the attach section of this post

plan.fzz (12.1 KB)

You don't show the separate supplies for the motor or servos.

I can't see a laser.

oh sorry i dont use a laser i use a wrgb high power led (fritzing have only rgb hp leds so i use a normal led extra) and my idea is that i use my arduino for the motor/servo supplies

and my idea is that i use my arduino for the motor/servo supplies

That's not a good idea. Think about changing it.

ok how you think about the idea to use an old pc power supply unit(netzteil? sorry im from germany) for the supply because this have 5V and 12V outputs and i think its the easiest way

A PC power supply might work if the voltages are correct for the motors & laser.

can anybody please check this and tell me my mistakes?

I suggest you build, program, test, and debug one "part" at a time. You've got servos, laser controls, and a motor (and motor control?).

There are two power related issues... You need to power the motors and laser, and you need to control the power unless the motor & laser run continuously. High-power LEDs also need additional electronics if you want to control them with the Arduino. [u]This example[/u] shows you how to control a high-power device using a MOSFET.

The servos just need power and a signal from the Arduino. The electronics to control the servo power are built into the servo.

Laser diodes and high-power LEDs require a special constant-current power supply. And from what I understand, some laser power supplies have an optical feedback circuit to monitor/control light output. Dimming high-power LEDs requires additional circuitry. I don't know anything about dimming lasers, or if it's even possible. (As you may know, you need dimming if you want to get all the colors of the rainbow from an RGB LED.)

If you use a bare laser diode or LEDs, you will probably need a lens, or a lens assembly. A laser module will come with a lens.

There's also the problem of lost PWM capability (because of the Servo library) on pins 9 and 10.

cool thank you :) why i need a motor control? in the example about the high power he only use a transistor and no controller and i only want to turn the hp leds on and off no dimming must i use a controller for this too?

(i now buy a "MOSFET, N Channel Fairchild Semiconductor RFP50N06")