Need help to identify a stepper motor.

I need help to find datasheet info regarding a stepper motor that i salvaged from an old scanner it has the code of NEOCENE 2T357221. I understand that 2T indicates it is a PM-type stepper motor; 35 is the outer diameter in cm; 7 could be the step angle code; (got this info from similar neocene steppers that had similar numbers)

Is 2 and 17 a serial number?

Now i need to find step angle. It has a resistance of 6Ω written on label.I couldn't find datasheet in the neocene website.

It works though.I hooked it up to an adafruit motor shield 2.3.I found and modified an arduino program that installs grbl firmware that works with that shield .As seen in the video that i will upload in five minutes from now. i can move my axis left and right with 1.4mm step size for 1mm movement and with 14mm step size to move a cm.and it works ok.

I tried to connect it to 12v but it skipped steps and didn't work ok.Only at 5v.Now that model of scanner was a benq 5230c it worked with usb power only to pc.and on the back of the unit it says 5V 0.5amps

I am surprised it worked like that because the amps are not much and usb power is not powerful for stepper motors.To power it up the adafruit motorshield 2.3 i used an atx power supply and connected to 5v.

is it safe to assume that it had some kind of step up logic on the pcb board that stepped up 5v maybe to 12 or 24 when it worked on the pc?

Also i remember the unit moving far faster when it moved the axis up and down?What settings on the gbrl firmware should i change to make it move faster?

If its 6 ohm and you are trying to drive at 12V you are burning something out, 24W is way too much for a motor that size.

[ Measure the winding resistance to be sure - in fact always measure the winding resistance with any new motor, its going to tell you a lot ]

You need to know its rated current and drive it with a proper stepper driver, not a motor shield. Try 0.5A or 0.7A in the first instance.

I have 2 ld293 chips from another project as well i could desolder l6219 chip that was on the scanner pcb.would that be good? Could you please tell me why is a motor shield not a good idea? I even managed to use grbl and i was thinking to use that shield. Using five volts all is good.

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Steppers are constant current devices, not constant voltage.