Need to find a NRF + Arduino all-in-one proto board?

I am trying to find a small compact microcontroller with built in NRF24 radio.

I found the Boneduino which is perfect, and incudes battery JST connector:
06-Boneduino 328P LORA RF24-wa1-228x228

But after placing a order for 15 units Duinopeak messed up my order twice and barely responds to emails. However the Boneduino is exactly what I need.

I then started looking around for alternatives and found the Keywish RF-Nano, which looks close but has no battery connection and is difficult to find stock:

Are there any other compact RF + Micro boards in existence? Having a battery connection is kind of important but anything would be great to consider.

Please help me since Duinopeak keeps messing up my order I am now weeks behinde schedule and need a RF + Arduino compact proto board. Thanks!!!!

Quite a number of them, using more modern radio chips (that is, not obsolete like the NRF24). Arduino, Sparkfun, Anarduino and Adafruit have a good selection.

Are you referring to nRF52? Isn't that Bluetooth LE? I really want to avoid Bluetooth for many reasons. I like the NRF24 because it connects very quickly and is highly reliable.

But I will consider nRF52, just would much rather use nRF24

The NRF24 is obsolete and not recommended for new designs. The genuine chips won't be around much longer, if you can find them at all, although I imagine that counterfeits might be.

I have read that the NRF24 is not recommended for new designs. But I can't find anything else. The Feather RP2040 only has 4 analog pins but I need 5.

Also in my experience Bluetooth LE is the most unreliable radios I've every used. While NRF24 connects in milliseconds and the addressing is the most simple.

I like NRF24 for the simplicity and would even pay extra to avoid using Bluetooth. Are there any other alternatives?

I listed several sources. Take the hint.

HopeRF modules are much simpler to use than the NRF24.

I have never heard of HopeRF, and when I search I only find radio moduels.

But I am in need of a radio + micro controller all in one, not just a radio module.

Can someone please help me find a decent radio + microcontroller + JST battery connection with at least 5 analog in pins (preferably not BLE)?

You'll find a couple of hundred possibilities here:

Did you bother to look at ANY of Adafruit boards? Why bother posting if you can't take the time to read the replies?

And just in case @megaBlocks reads this far, there are a few Moteino boards by Low Power Labs as well. Their libraries for the RFM69 modules have worked perfectly for me.

There's also a Moteino clone on Ali Express that you can get if you're interested.

Aliexpress have close to 10,000 rf-nano.
Seems the preferred module for a bunch of chaps over at modezero where they convert old radios to 2.4g system.
According to them, the keywish unit provides best range and reliability for the price.

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