Nextion Table Display

Not a Nextion forum I know but their one is now locked…

I have previously set up a touch screen TFT with an Arduino Mega that is used for measuring fuel consumption in a car. Several touch buttons exist, several pages of information but mostly it is displaying a table of data. Due to the touch screen sometimes not responding to touch commands I decided to try to set up the same system but using a Nextion Enhanced 3.5" display (NX4832K035) just to see which is better.

I have hit an early road block. The documentation is limited.

I am trying to draw a table the same as in the picture (the 4 white numbers in the lower left are for testing only and will not remain). Quite a basic layout with values populated from the Arduino. For the life of me I cannot work out how to do this in the Nextion!!! My current thinking is that I will need to create a JPG file that has the table framework and then use overlayed Nextion text boxes to populate the data.

Am I on the right track or can the table frame be created using the Nextion Editor?

Simple things sometimes cost me hours…