Noob help with (Sharp IR) sensor wiring?

I’m looking to purchase a Sharp IR sensor for my Arduino Uno or Mega, and I don’t know which cables to purchase. I’d like to save money but buy reusable items such as wires with connectors attached. I will likely buy other sensors in the future. I will be not likely be using anything but Uno or Mega since I have both of those. I have a SainSmart v5 Sensor Shield that I’m using.

This sensor sales page says it requires the cable I link just below. That is fine, but I see they sell a 10pk of sensor cables. Which are wired differently on the non-sensor side?

IR Sensor page:

Required cable for IR sensor: $2

Alternate cables: $6.50
So why would this “sensor” cable be wired differently? Can I simply pop the cables out to change the order? Or are they usually crimped so that’s not possible? 6.5 for 10, which is .65 per cable! A serious savings.

..if you need to swap pins... Then use addidtioal cables
e.g. like this one
Shorter lengths exists.