Not able to configure 2.4 inc TFT Parallel Display to ESP8266

I just got into this and started learning , I bought a ESP8266 and TFT LCD Parallel screen as below.

I am not able to configure the TFT screen and write a small code to flash some text on the Diplay

Display module sttached .

I even tried to configiure is with Wemos D1 board with ESP8266 , still un-successful.

Appreciate help for configuration and Code . Or any pointers which can help.

Your Parallel TFT has 8 data lines and 5 control lines. i.e. 13 GPIO pins are needed just for the display.

Count how many pins are available on an ESP8266.

The ESP32 has many more pins. This is a Uno shape ESP32 board

Both TFT_eSPI and MCUFRIEND_kbv will run your Shield (with a minor hardware mod)