One-to-many jumper wire

Im looking for a wire that splits from one to more. For example male-to-2male. I would like to power two modules from one Arduino 5V output pin. I searched the web quite a bit for this but couldn't manage to find it. Do this kind of wires actually exist? Or, am I even thinking the right way? Im not really keen on electronics but I guess this should be equivalent to making a paralel connection on protoboard?

Check for jumper wires at Schmartboard.


I think you just need to make your own.
Easy way is to take three wires, cut & strip one end of each and connect them together. Solder them and cover with a piece of heat shrink. Or twist together using a small wire nut.
Repeat for a ground wire. has terminated wires, male & female, that are great for that. Get a 50-pack, if you get the 12" wire you can 3 in half and then have six 6" wires to make up 3 Y-cables as described above.


The Crossroads approach is what I used to do.

See this about cables:

The frustration about connectors on Arduino led our friend Xiao to design the "Sensor Shield". And the derivative of that is our RoboRED which is UNO compatible and has about 20 ground pins! See:

Disclaimer: mentioning stuff from my own shop!

It's worth looking up where all the locations on the board gives you 5v. I put two rows of headers on my Uno variant, have two icsp sources, and depending on the need, an IO pin written high or low works as 5v or gnd for low/no power things like buttons.

You can easily make them with a crimp tool.
see page 17 here:

Needed a few more grounds, so made this lashup, 6 female DuPont connectors with a jumper wire soldered on.

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