OOK library

Is there any library for Arduino to decode OOK transmission? This is the IC that I use to receive packets. I’m trying to make general packet analyzer.

SYN450R_SYN460R.pdf (2.45 MB)

I can't open that link.

I've attached document. SYN450R - ASK/OOK receiver. Data rate I use is 1250Hz.

It is one of those 315/433MHz ASK/OOK receivers ? When used with the Arduino on both ends, transmitter and receiver, the VirtualWire library is often used, http://www.airspayce.com/mikem/arduino/VirtualWire/

For the most used protocol, the RCSwitch library is used, http://code.google.com/p/rc-switch/

There are more libraries, I think one has 'fuzzy' in its name. There are also protocol analyzers, which can be used with a recorded reception. Others have made libraries to capture data from weather stations and so.

What device do you want to receive ?

Yes, it's 315/433 ASK/OOK SH receiver. Protocol analyzer is what I am after. I need to capture packets from keyfobs from garage/gate openers. The ones that are working in ASK/OOK modulation. What I want is to save the fixed codes coming from keyfobs. There are number of keyfobs with unknown protocols (at least for me), so I would like to analyze them. Looks like most keyfobs have preamble, sync word and data bits.

I am going to check those libraries, thank you!