OPTREX Display - more info needed


I got a 6.5inch screen from work, seems like it's this one: http://www.esis.com.au/LCD-Monitors/Optrex65inLCD_opr01PPR.pdf

I would like some information on how to connect it to the arduino - if possible. Has anyone else tried this screen?

What parts do i need to be able to connect it to the arduino?


http://bit.ly/HvAG8w http://bit.ly/HvAF4J http://bit.ly/I6antO http://bit.ly/HvAHJR http://bit.ly/HvAPJj http://bit.ly/I6aHbQ http://bit.ly/I6aNjY http://bit.ly/HvATZn http://bit.ly/I6aWDN http://bit.ly/I6b0Ue http://bit.ly/HvAWo3

You probably need something like this: http://www.sparkfun.com/products/10329. It has the VGA interface and the RAM needed for a full color frame buffer. Another option is the gameduino shield http://www.sparkfun.com/products/10593.

You might find other options is you google arduino+vga.

Actually it looks like it doesn't have a standard VGA connector. Did it come with a cable adaptor? If not you'll have to source a connector for it and mash together a cable. The marketing brief you posted doesn't mention the physical interface and may only be using the term "VGA" to describe the screen resolution, in which case it may have a proprietary or standard digital interface which means you are not likely to find a ready-built driver shield or adaptor for it. You can't use it without some additional hardware since it will need about a meg of RAM for its display buffer.

Datasheet from the mighty google: http://welecw2000a.sourceforge.net/docs/datasheets/T-51750GD065J-FW-AA.pdf. It has a 31 pin digital interface with a minimum clock speed of 20MHz, 3.3V and 5V supplies.

You can build your own driver board using the datasheet.