Paint for polarity marking

I often use terminals on my custom perfboards, but i want to paint the terminals to show the polarity (red and black).

I have tried with black pen but the paint dissapers after a while. I have also tried with acrylic paint with no luck.

I thinking of trying nail laquer/polish. It dryes quick and kan buyes in many different colors.

Some other ideas maybe?

I find paint markers to be super useful tools for quick and convenient marking of electrical connectors.

I'm using the super cheap ones you can get on eBay, like these:

Some of the paint will scratch off the plastic in an environment where it's subjected to abrasion, but I find that it works well enough for my purposes. For the things that get the most handling, and where immediate prominent visibility is essential, I have done a touch up from time to time, but it never got anywhere near to "disappearing".

There are CD/DVD markers. They give a thin line.
I only have one blue, but I use it very often.

Whats is the difference between the paint in the pens over and habby Acrylic Paint?

For one thing, convenience. I just want to quickly mark the connectors. I can't imagine an acrylic paint option would provide so much convenience.

As for technical differences, I don't know. I've been happy with the markers, so found no need to go looking at other alternatives. You can compare the two if you like. I can tell you that the paint in the markers is solvent-based. They are pretty stinky. I haven't had any problem with them drying out, despite them being years old.

I understand. I will try to buy this pen to day in a local store here in Norway and test :slight_smile:

I'm very interested in your findings as well as any approaches taken by others.

In a previous discussion on this subject, someone mentioned that they use "White-out" correction fluid. I happened to have a bottle on hand so I did a comparison and found that the paint marker's paint was a little bit more durable than the white-out.

I also think Nail polish can work. I will try do bye one and test. :slight_smile:

But i will try several things.

Acrylic Paint i can use to other thing also. For example can i paint project boxes etc.

I use dollar-store nail polish for a very long time. It is rugged, dries hard and quickly with a hair dryer (or hot air from soldering station.) I use a tooth-pick to apply.

Yes, i think nail polish is a good thing. I will try that too :slight_smile:

And curiously, nail polish actually comes in the right colours (red, blue, black, probably green)!

As one of the forum participants said recently:

Take your wife out for supper.
Take a bottle of finger nail polish from your wife's dresser.


I`m not that brave :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I apply White Out over any dark surface and then when it is dry use indelible Sharpies in the colors that I want.

I use Testors red model paint (if you can still find it). My local Ace Hardware store still carries a limited number of colors.
I like it better than the markers and nail polish. Using a fine brush I can easily put small red dots and color the base of a dupont.

That's funny. I do the exact same thing.

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As far as I am concerned, that is what White Out was made for. I have never used it on paper.

Print terminal strip labels on paper, cut to size with scissors.

Place cut out on PCB.

Cover with a thin later of UV glue/resin, expose with UV light.

My radical solution to this is to use red and black coloured terminals

Many good ideas here :slight_smile:

Regards to the colored terminals i allready have these and all are green or blue. I want to mark each terminal with black and red for negative and positive. For the 3-pin terminals i also want to color yellow or blue for signal lines etc.

I baught this set today. I will try it soon: