Pairing two HM-10 modules in a Central-Peripheral Configuration

I have been working on a project that pivots on two Arduinos exchanging data across Bluetooth (4.0) via HM-10 modules. I need to establish the connection with AT commands, but the commands do not match those on any forum, they seem to have changed recently. AT+HELP prints a list of commands (attached), but these are not helpful either. Has anyone connected two modules this way recently that could provide insight? Circuit and code also attached.

Note: for both modules, local address consistently reads 00:00:00:00:00:00

Circuit from:

Code From: AltSoftSerial Library, for an extra serial port


Where did you enter the AATHELP command that resulted in you getting a f*cking picture?

With the code used, typing AT+HELP spat that out, then I used snipping tools to take a picture.

Don't post pictures of text. If you want us to read the text, POST THE TEXT.