Peristaltic Pump Programming Question

I came across this peristaltic pump build and I made one:

The code allows you to basically choose between 3 functions, dose, pump or calibrate. Dose allows a one time predetermined amount of fluid to be dosed everytime you click on the button. Pump runs constantly at a predetermined flow rate. And lastly Calibrate allows you to exact the fluid being dosed.

I was told that the code wreaks of student programming and that it was hard for my friend (who dabbles in arduino coding) to make sense of it. To me it works great within the confines of the intended purpose (regardless of sloppy code or not)

The problem that I have is that I want to tweak the code so that I can have it running on a schedule: ie. Dose XXX ml over the course of a 24 hour period. I can sort of do that now with setting the flow rate to 0.1 ml per minute and have it run on Pump. but there are 2 problems with that, 1: I am limited to a minimum of 144 ml a day (0.1x60x24)and 2: the pump runs so slow at that rate, that I’d rather it turn on for XX:XX minutes and be off XX:XX.

I’m hoping that someone can take a look at this code and help.

Here is a video of it working

I can’t upload the code because it says that it exceeds the 9000 character limit set by the forum admins.

however you can view the code here

Please help, and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

I can see that I posted in the wrong sub forum, Can someone guide me to the right place?

Use report to moderator and ask them to move it. Programming Questions is probably the right place.

Note also that there's an option to attach a file when you post. Useful if your code exceeds the 9000 character limit.