Plotting real time data obtained from serial of arduino Mega2560

Hi... I need to plot real-time data obtained from serial of arduino. I want to plot Data value versus Time. I have to plot such 3 different variables on different plot at same time. Please suggest what should I use, and how should i ? If any less time consuming hack possible then it will be very useful. I was unable to find MATLAB sample code for this.

Please help...

I would use the Processing language. It is easy to use, multi platform and free. There are lots of examples of this sort of thing.

Three options

  1. Use PLX-DAQ to send the serial data to an older version of Excel. This is a freebie macro that effectively turns Excel into a terminal, thereby enabling you to have live Excel graphs. Data is timestamped using PC clock

  2. Use an Android device to receive the data wirelessly over Bluetooth. I use Bluetooth Graphics Terminal on phone and tablet

  3. Same thing with Bluegraph. This can have more lines.

Items 2 and 3 have volatile graphs and don't log time - and hardly need to. They can both log the data as well, including time from Arduino's clock, for subsequent pasting into Excel, but I use Bluetooth terminal for that.

All three options just use the Serial.print and take virtually no more effort than sending data to the serial monitor.

Have a look at my EzScrn demo which can display data on a chart in a browser. All the programming is done in the Arduino.


I want to pass 3 variables parameters of different datatype, through serial port between two MEGA2560. I need those received parameters for further process. Problem is that i was unable to develop logic for this, is there any hack to achieve this. Please help.

Have a look at the examples (especially the 3rd) in serial input basics. They are simple reliable ways to receive data. It is easy to send the data in a matching format.


Hi. I wrote an API and client for transmitting and plotting data called AdvancedSerial. You can get it on my GitHub page here:

Some basic Features: - Real time plotting of data vs time. Supports multiple charts and parameters. Auto Scaling Axis. - Allows the transmission of textual data along side of parameter data. Keep the debug messages :D - Data recording capability to save data to a CSV for post-processing. - Standalone client written in c#.

Feel free to check it out theres some examples also on github. Enjoy.