Ports (COM and LPT)

After installing Arduino the instructions say to go to Device manager and click on ports but it doesn't show up for me, even after i plug in my Arduino uno. I have a windows 10 btw. HELP!

I assume you mean that the Arduino Uno doesn't show up in device manager?

Does anything show up in device manager when you open it after plugging in the Arduino?

Anything with a yellow triangle? That indicates missing drivers.

Do you hear the noise when you plug it in?

Are you using a clone with a CH340G serial chip? (check the chip near the USB connector) The drivers for that are not included (it's only used on the clones - the official one uses an atmega16u2), but google will find them.

Same problem with my Arduino Uno
No COM port is displayed

When I connect it doesn't show up in device manager
No I dont hear any Noise while connecting.

Previously it was working fine and i was using bluetooth module with my project and i used to remove RX and TX pins of bluetooth module before programming it.

May be because of that its causing problem, I may have forgotten to remove.
How to fix this???

When I press the reset button then L LED glows 2-3 times continuously after that just once.

So no device popping up what so ever (no devices with a ! )?

If so, try another cable and/or another PC. If that doesn't work the serial chip is dead/broken. If it's a real one with a ATmega as serial chip you can try to reflash it. If it's a clone, buy a new one.

If you don't get the "new hardware connected" noise when you plug in the board, that implies - the USB port you're using is dead or in a bad state, or the USB cable you're using is bad (though this is rare with the full-size cables. There are a lot of micro/mini usb cables though that are "charging only", which is why I mention it). Try different cables, different USB ports. Make sure the system has been rebooted since the problem manifested (sometimes ports get into a bad state, but can be fixed with reboot)