Power source switch Colorduino

I recently completed an 8x8 RGB LED array, and am ready to attach the power supply to my Colorduino driver. The specs I read (and the pictures from iTead) said that there should be a switch (pictured on left) to select between pin header and screw terminal power sources. I plan to power the array with 6V 1A through the screw terminals but my Colorduino arrived looking like the one on the right. There is no switch! This is my first arduino (or really any electronics) project and I am not sure how to proceed from here. I emailed iTead, the manufacturer for the Colorduino, but I was hoping to get this thing powered up by the weekend- waiting for another one to ship here from China would be a bummer. It seems that some of these have switches to select between power inputs, and some don’t (there are plenty pictured of each variety)… but every blog post and instructable stresses the importance of sliding the switch to the correct position before applying power. I suppose my basic question is what would happen if I plugged it in as is? Is there a risk of ruining the Colorduino and/or my much-labored-over LED array? Thanks!


I heard back from iTead today, and they have decided to replace the slide switch with 0R resistors. Their reply to my inquiry is below:

"We are glad to be at your service!

We have soldered 0R resistors on that position of the switch. You can add 9V or other power supply on VIN pin."

I put 6V 1A through the screw terminals to power my 8x8 LED array and it works beautifully.