Problem interfacing with VC0706 JPEG Serial Camera

Hello guys,
I just received a couple of VC0706 JPEG Serial Cameras and want to interface with them. Here is the product link:
For the first test, I want to connect this camera to my computer and read out some information / images with the enclosed CommTool.
I followed this instruction: Using CommTool | TTL Serial Camera | Adafruit Learning System, wired the circuit up like on the image there and opened the Serial Port with a baud of 38400 (default speed for my unit).

But every time I click on "Get version", it says timeout.
I also tried the arduino library, but as expected, I does not work either.
What am I missing ?
My unit has the following specifications:
Baud Rate: 38400 bps
Picture: VGA
Electronic Level: COMS
Video Format: PAL(R5 NULL)
Power: DC 5V

Could the problem come from the electronical level ? This one uses CMOS, not TTL as the unit from Adafruit. If yes, is there a possibility to convert the signals to TTL ? (logical level is 3.3V)
Thanks for any kind of help, I am really stuck here =(


I'm having the exact same problem. Did you find a solution?

Thank you!

You have to connect TX on one unit to RX on the other! The photo also shows
a resistor divider the wrong way round on the Arduino RX line - if the Arduino
is 5V and the camera if 3.3V then the divider needs to go from the Arduino TX
to drop the voltage down to the camera's RX.

TX = "transmit",
RX = "receive" - each wire needs to connect a transmit pin to a receive pin...

[Ah, just read the caveat on the Adafruit site - some cameras have RX/TX marked
wrong. However the voltage divider is definitely wrong in that image.]


I found this post trying to resolve the same issue. Even after re-wiring Arduino's TX to camera's RX and resistors I am still getting "Cmd time out" error in Comm Tool.

I bought camera on eBay from this listing Vc0706 3.3v Camera Module Ttl/uart Jpeg/cvbs for AVR Stm32 Arduino Compatible for sale online | eBay

Is this the right camera for Arduino? I am attaching a pic of connections. Green wire is connected to TX, white to RX on the camera. What can I be doing wrong?


What can I be doing wrong?

Posting stupidly large pictures that do not show your wiring clearly.

LOL. How about this one? Thanks


Better but it is not clear if you have the right wires on the camera module.

The resistor divider shows you using two 10K resistors. This cuts down a 5V signal to 2.5V. You should try a 510R series resistor with a 1K pull down to ground. This will give you 3.3V at a better impedance to drive your signal.

Is 510R a 510 Ohm resistor? Can you refer me to a web link of such resistor? How would I connect it to the breadboard?

Is this the right resistor? Do I just connect it from Arduino TX to camera RX (white) wire?

You need two resistors, one id 510R the one you posted will do but there are dozens of others. That goes from your arduino to your camera. You need a second resistor this time one with a value of 1K that goes between the camera and ground. They replace the two resistors you have wired up at the moment.

Got it! Many thanks. So will any 510 Ohm resistor work?

So will any 510 Ohm resistor work?


Hi, is it possible to burn electronics on this board if 5V from Arduino were applied by mistake? Thanks

Hi, is it possible to burn electronics on this board if 5V from Arduino were applied by mistake? Thanks


hello every pls am facing the same problem has anyone come up with a solution

The solution is to change the baud rate to 115200



I am working on a project in which I should interface vc0706 camera with arduino (Here I am using arduino uno).
I have interfaced it but I am getting "cmd time out" error even after changing the baud rates and ports.I have even tried exchanging transmitter and receiver pins but found the same error.

Please help me in solving this problem.

Thanks in advance

can i save image from VC0706 serial camera to specific folder in my PC?

I finally found the problem! Since the module RX and TX pins work with RS232 protocol, therefore you must convert them to TTL protocol or use the MAX3232 IC RX and TX (on the shield) directly and connect them to arduino. So :
Green wire must be connected to Arduino RX (software pin) and purple to Arduino TX.

1- I know that my soldering skill is ridiculous :smiley:
2- please, inform me if my solution works :slight_smile: