problems driver install uno

Hy forum, im new to this stuff with ardruino etc so please excuse if.i may ask a where easy to solve question
I bought an ardruino used with some servos to controll a belt fastener on my simracing rig
Problem is i dont get the drivers to install
Used installer and folder on device manager to update but didnt work.
I attached a photo how it looks when its plugged in.
How could i make that work?
Win 10 x64

Looks like a clone with CH340 usb-to-ttl chip. In which case you have to download and install the driver for that chip.

Check the chip closest to the usb port.

I’ve recently attached it to a post or you can download it from the Chinese manufacturer’s website.

It does indeed use the CH340 USB chip. You can download the Windows driver from the manufacturer's site here:

The download link is the button with the picture of a cloud with a downwards pointing arrow.

Thank you very much guys. I will try that when im at home. I already thought of it that it wouldnt be a real one!

It worked! You saved me so much time! Thanks!!!

You're welcome. I'm glad to hear it's working now. Enjoy!