Programming ATtiny85 using Arduino nano


I'm trying to program an ATtiny85 chip using an Arduino nano. I've installed the ATtinyCore by Spence Konde but I can't find the regular version of the ATtiny25/45/85 board. Only the Attiny25/45/85 (no bootloader) and ATtiny48/85 (Optiboot) options are available. I tried to use these two but I'm getting an error.

Thank you!

Explain your wiring
Explain How you are trying to program the ATTiny85
Post the FULL error

hopefully we can get you up and running

Hi, thank you for the reply.

Arduino--> ATtiny85

5V --> Vcc
Pin 13 --> Pin 2
Pin 12 --> Pin 1
Pin 11 --> Pin 0
Pin 10 --> Reset

Arduino as SPI

I get a similar error when I select the ATtiny25/45/85 (No bootloader).

I've seen online tutorials about how to program the ATtiny85 using Arduino, they've used the regular version of the ATtiny25/45/85 board to program the ATtiny85 but I can't see this option when I installed the ATtinyCore. Do you know why?

I worked it out. First, the Arduino nano board needs to be selected to upload the ArduinoISP to use the Arduino as ISP.

Glad you worked it out. Good luck with your project.

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