[Project to be proposed] Data monitoring of the IoT online auto-control unit

Hello everyone, I am a computer engineering student who also works in a car audition (I do not understand anything about mechanics, I only do the accountant: smiley-roll-sweat :slight_smile: is working on that I came up with the idea to propose this project to you, in the sense that it was conceived and worked on for the developments, a project that could be useful to many other workshops.

The idea is to be able to monitor the status of the customer's car at a distance from my PC so that the customer needs to reach the workshop, in this way we will save time because once the problem is understood the customer is safe from us only to solve it and then save the time it takes to connect the OBD and everything needed to run the diagnostics.

In this regard, I am documented on:

  • Can Bus
  • OBD protocol

It has been said that the first is a communication system.

Browsing this project online is like sending the information in output and in a screen of my project that should send them to my host.

linko the project: IoT4Car - Arduino Project Hub

I believe, however, 'to have found the hardware that greatly simplifies this project and I'm talking about this arduino board: MakerFocus CAN-BUS Shield V1.2

I summarize how I would approach the project:

  • Connect the MakerFocus CAN-BUS Shield V1.2 to the car ECU (or use the hardware indicated in the project previously linked as not being replaceable as I thought)

  • Being an arduino CREDO it is easy to connect it to the network, so use the ethernet module or not so what else

  • Buy a host service and start the data acquired from the control unit to my server

  • Create a website with an intuitive interface that accepts the data of the control unit in real time wherever it is.

The questions I ask myself and to which I look for

  • Is the hardware that I have indicated to you sufficient? Should I consider anything else to interface the control unit to my arduino?

  • Suppose you have connected my arduino to the control unit, I need data acquired from the delluino from the control unit. We consider that the server uses the php

  • Now we will need to have an internet connected, so I would ask my customers to use the hotspot to do it or a portable wifi .. So we should think of a simple and affordable solution to connect the arduino to the internet.

I hope the project is stimulating for some Thanks to everyone for who will read: smiley-lol: