Prototype shields - what happened to Ciseco?

Just went to order another batch of Ciseco ProtoX shields as they are the best I've found and they seem to have disappeared. Is the company still going? These ones:

It had really useful grouped tracks for putting together nice neat circuits. Are there any other good ones out there? I don't like the official one with unconnected holes. Found one labelled v.5 which is slightly better but weirdly laid out. Is there anything like the Ciseco one, or any left in stock anywhere?

I sell some prototyping shields made in the same vein:

Really, I ought to do a new rev. of these when I have a chance - the power rails down the middle of the prototyping area has proven really popular, and I didn't do it there (it was one of my earlier protoboard designs), and I can think of a few other improvements as well - maybe split it up into two designs, one with SMD outlines, the other without, and maybe shrink it down so it doesn't overhang the board edge (I had considered that a feature when I was designing it - more area to work with - but I'm not sure that was the right decision).