Question about load cells.

Hello, I've done a lot of stalking around the forums. But this is the first time I've registered to actually ask a question.

If I use two load cells like so: |500x287

1) Can I wire together the identical wires from two of the load cells from 8 into 4 THEN connect it to the load cell amplifier HX711? If no, how can I go about doing that without 'combinator's. 2) Would it increase the error % if I use two of them like this? 3) Sounds kind of obvious, sorry, but if the maximum load is 10kg per load cell, would using two like this make the maximum 20kg?

Thank you.

1) Yes they can be put in parallel. You might see some problems when the cells are lightly loaded; try swapping the sense wires around if that happens. I think I'd try testing each load cell separately to make sure you're getting the results you expect before combining them. The HX711 has two channels on it; you'd be better off combining the load cell excite wires (black and red, typically) as usual but keeping the sense wires on separate channels.

2) See 1)

3) Yes

I would also parallel the sensing lines. Then connect to channel A