Rain gauge rj11 adaptor for breadboard

Could anyone help me out whether these adaptors or at least one of them are compatible for breadboard and if it can be used with a rain gauge with rj11, and if possible can you teach me how it works? ‘-’ . Im sorta new to all of this

Sparkfun has RJ-11 breakout boards.

Track down a datasheet for this, or similar, part at digi-key, mouser, etc. The pertinent data is 'RS PRO 6P4C Way Right Angle PCB Mount RJ11 Socket'. There's usually a mechanical drawing of the thing with dimensions. If the pins are .1 inch apart it'll probably work on a bread board. I suspect they're not. Check the length of the pins, too, to make sure they'll reach into the breadboard and firmly connect. There are also some out there with wire leads several inches long. You could mount the RJ11 elsewhere and plug the (tinned) wires into the breadboard.