RC sailboat

I have a wooden model sail boat which I would like to convert to a remote controlled boat. I have basic understanding of code and electronics and thought using an arduino to control two servos, one to trim the sails and one to steer the rudder might be a good learning experience. i would like to keep the cost of the project to a minimum and was wondering if anyone has any ideas of how a beginner could pull this off.

By far the simplest solution is a standard off-the-shelf R/C system. It also has the advantage that it allows you direct control so that you can learn how the system behaves.

I suspect that experience is essential if you want to make a more complex system involving an Arduino.

If you want to use an Arduino I reckon you will need two of them plus a pair of NRF24xx transceiver modules.


I would second Robins suggestion of using off the shelf RC system for a start. You will find lots of components and info at a site like this and then maybe buy the components from them or find equivalents on other site like eBay, alibaba, banggood etc.