Relay, lock/unlock, two different power supplies

I'm building an arduino circuit that will lock and unlock my car. I've looked at the mechanism and it's as simple as sending the already there voltage which is ~10v. I just have to transfer the current from the car to a motor that unlocks/locks the car. I have two relays, one to unlock and one to lock, but I've searched everywhere on how to do it, but there's nothing on how to use an already existing power supply and just move that current from one place to another.

Normally you just connect a voltage and the current takes care of itself.

How does this motor work? Turn one way for lock and the other for unlock?

If so you can make an H-bridge style circuit from two relays.


I’m kind of an electricity noob. I don’t know exactly how to hook up the relay (let’s just say for the sake of the example just one relay). I want to use the existing current though, so I don’t need an H-Bridge, (unless I do?). It’s technically just a switch that stops current flow.