Remote Control robot


I am trying to make my own remote control robot with arduino that uses motors and servos to move and to turn, and all I can find are robots that are controlled with a remote but with a wire between them, or they use infrared controls or some kind of control that needs a network but I would like to control my robot like normal R/C toys, using radio frequency. Where can I find like a starter guide or maybe a good book or something like that that will help me in this? Even a simple circuit that I can adapt to use it for arduino.

The whole point of this is that I want to learn how does R/C communication work using arduino.

thanks for your help!

You got choices here

read in servo pulse signals with pulseIn, you need to run this in your loop and it's blocking code, so it's not ideal but it works for simple tasks

or you can get more complicated and use interrupts to measure the pulses

or how about using interrupts to decode PPM sum signals

I've worked with quadcopters and the receiver code usually uses PCINT to read in several channels, or decode PPM sum signals

anyways pick one of these routes and research it, what you are asking for is nothing new

personally if I was doing this project, I'd go over to, and rip out their RC receiver code for my own purposes, or find a receiver with a PPM sum output since this has the advantage of taking only one pin, I have my own PPM sum signal decoding code on my site