RF remote controlling stepper motor wiring

Hello, I just want to ask for advise or some comments about this project.

I have a task to make rotating platform and controlled with RF remote in this case ( IC 2262/2272 RF receiver and transmitter remote control).

So I made simple plan how to wired it. Maybe can I have so tips how to do it ?

List of parts :

DRV8825 stepper motor driver
IC 2262/2272 RF receiver and transmitter remote control
Arduino Nano
DC Step down
Stepper motor and power supply for it

there is a plan !(http://


Many members will not download images from those sites. How to post an image.

The fault pin on the DRV8825 is an output. Do not connect it to 5V. See the wiring on the Pololu DRV8825 page/

Be sure to set the coil current limit per the instructions on the Pololu page, linked above.

There is no DC DC step down in the diagram.

How is the Nano powered?