RFID and "The mark of the beast"

I was wondering if any of you guys know if the RFID reader from Paralax :


Would pick up the information in this: http://www.datamars.com/default.aspx?menuitemid=264

I might convince my local vetrenarian to implant that RFID-chip in my hand if I'm sure it will work. If the Paralax doesn't work please share your knowledge on how to use something else!


Don't think it will work. The Parallax reader uses 125 kHz transponders. The implant uses 134.2 kHz.

I see. Do you know any other read/writers that work with Arduino?

134.2KHz RFID module RDM660 - UART from iTeadStudio.

How to I hook it up with the Arduino?

[quote author=Sgt. William link=topic=79299.msg602494#msg602494 date=1321868003] How to I hook it up with the Arduino? [/quote]

Serial, 115200bit/s

Read the datasheet: http://iteadstudio.com/store/images/produce/RFID/RDM660/RDM660datasheet.pdf

Thanks, you guys are awesome!

So, hook it up by the serialpins on the Arduino and using the same code as the Parallax?

It may or may not be the same interface as the Parallax.

Here (http://iteadstudio.com/produce/134-2khz-rfid-reader-module-rdm660/) they say: "It’s similar to RDM630 125kHz RFID reader module , nearly the same pins and the same output protocol, user just need to read the UART serial port that you can get the card / tag ID."

In this article: http://iteadstudio.com/produce/play-rdm630-with-arduino/ they give some example code for Arduino. Looks like they just read 11 bytes and display bytes 4 through 11 (8 ascii characters representing hexadecimal digits) on an LCD. The hexadecimal, when converted to decimal gave them the decimal number shown on the tag. There are probably framing characters like on the Parallax so it would be good to check for those. You could also check the checksum to be sure the read was clean.

Too bad that the $19.90 "Sniffer Nano v2.0" (http://iteadstudio.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=16&products_id=220) doesn't support the 134.2 kHz tags. In this article (http://iteadstudio.com/produce/rdm630-new-version-and-sniffer-nano-v2-0/) they say: "Not just 125Khz, We found that the 134.2Khz RFID protocol is very similar to 125KHz, so just update the firmware , you can get a 134.2Khz reader like RDM660!" I didn't find the firmware sources, let alone the mods for 134.2 kHz.

Edit: Found the firmware sources: http://iteadstudio.com/application-note/sniffer-nano-source-code-v1-0/ Changing the frequency may be as easy as modifying some timer parameters in InitialTimer().

[quote author=Sgt. William link=topic=79299.msg602494#msg602494 date=1321868003] How to I hook it up with the Arduino? [/quote]

I wrote about this on my blog last month, 125Khz RFID Module RDM630, and included sample code. It is a very similar module, so this may help you.

Some of the examples out there use the hardware UART on the Arduino, which I am not a fan of because I like to have the serial monitor free for debugging.

Alternately, the sniffer nano does look pretty cool. I've been meaning to check one of those out.

Yes, yes this pleases William yees.

Anyhow, can the chip be reprogrammed to contain my desired text?