RGBW LED Strip with UCS2912 controller

Few days ago I did bid for some 60-LED strips at the Bay, and when I finally got a RGBW LED strip based on the UCS2912 controller I realized that no software does yet support this chip - at least I didnt find anything even after a couple of Google searches over 2 days … :frowning:
so I looked some closer at the Adafruit Neopixel library and found that there is already basic support for RGBW LED strips. Unfortunately the UCS2912 is a 4-channel RGB LED controller and not a 3-channel RGBW one, but is as such used with the strip I got. Even more bad is that I got no schematic for the strip, and since I was too lazy to measure how the LEDs were wired, I just started to play a bit with the Neopixel library and tried to find out if/how the LEDs can be controlled …
Finally I found a way to get the nice strandtest sample working with my RGBW strip, and even more I’m able to control the White LEDs too :slight_smile:
I hacked up a new function setUCS2912PixelColor() which splits up the color values and then sets them right with individual setPixelColor() calls.
Probably not the best way and not perfect, but it works so far for me …

Find attached 3 sample sketches …
test_ucs2912: just switches RED, GREEN, BLUE, WHITE_LED each for 5 sec. on (in this order)
simple_ucs2912: derived from simple sketch which comes with the Neopixel library with some addons
strandtest_ucs2912: derived from strandtest sketch which comes with the Neopixel library with some addons

BTW. the sketches are still small enough to also run on an ATtiny85 …

Note: RGBW LEDs might draw up to 80mA with all colors + white at full brightness! That means that a 60-pixel strip can draw up to 60x 80 = 4800mA, so you should use a 5A power supply; for a 144-pixel strip its max 11520mA = 12A power supply!

strandtest_ucs2912.zip (4.23 KB)

simple_ucs2912.zip (2.11 KB)

test_ucs2912.zip (2.23 KB)

THANK YOU! you*re a lifesafer.

some weeks ago i bought some SK6812 RGBW 144led/m led strips. and been googling ever since on how to controll them, make them do what i want. same as you i found no libraries of software for it, or even examples of people controlling them.

then i saw your post downloaded the zip file, loaded it onto the arduino and it WORKS!!! even the real white LED light up.

i havent been playing around with the code yet, to get it to do what i want, because i¨m so happy that my sk6812 led strip actually works / does something.

but i*m quite new to the arduino and i was hopeing you could explain, or post some more details / links / tutorials etc on the subject?

[u]how do i set just color white or blue?[/u] [u]where do i actually set color?[/u] [u]how can i modify the uint16_t and uint32_t?[/u]

Hey mikki1211, I've created a new post RGBW LED Strip with generic controller (f.e. SK6812RGBW) so others can better search and find stuff for generic RGBW strips. Let's continue discussion there.