RS Components UK shipping?

I'm trying to order components from RS, and it says that you can get free shipping if you have an account. I made an account, but when I go through to checkout it says it will cost £4.95 shipping. Does anyone know if you need to do more than sign up to be an account holder, or have I missed something? I chose free next working day delivery at checkout by the way.



that's odd
I've ordered lots from them
never paid for shipping
you sure you didn't check the wrong box?

When I've ordered bits from them, I (think I) have had to pay for P&P. The service is worth the cost though, as it came the next day.


just checked my order history
used next working day £0 p&p and arribved the next day
same for the last half dozen orders
v odd

Thanks for your replies.
mmcp42 - Is your account connected to a business, as that might get you the necessary requirements for free shipping?

well I did give my company name, but they never checked anything
you're Singul4rity Co. aren't you ]:smiley:

Is there not a minimum order value to qualify for free shipping. I know Farnell and Rapid Electronics have one. I think its about ~£15

I was charged £4.95 for a £30.38 order. How do you manage to get it for free?

er sorry I actually don't know
I have ordered a fair bit from them so maybe I got good guy status :shrugs:

Do you have a credit account with them? When I had a credit account with Farnell I didn't have to pay postage on anything. It was a 30 days credit account and I was spending something in the region of £800 a month with them.

However, now I only have a credit card account there is the minimum order value of about £26 before I get free postage. I wonder if RS are the same?

I am always a bit down on RS because they wouldn't sell me anything when I first started out, they even returned my cheques. Where as Farnell gave me a credit account straight off with only a company account bank reference. In the long run I must have spent many thousands with them over the years so a little bit of faith payed off for them big time.

boring hold PAYG credit card!
I've even ordered like one component, next day delivery, no delivery charge

most odd

I'd offer to get stuff for you and forward it on, but I'd have to charge you for the postage! oops!

I have orderd thing's from RS over the past couple of months ranging from < £10 to £100+ and have always been charged the £4.95 after reading these posts on here I decided to have a look around there website and find out why I/we get charged and others don't.

the only thing I could find on there website was this Apparently you need an account with RS which I assume is different from an on-line account (cash/credit account probably) it's a pity really as I'd order more stuff if it was free instead I usually find what I need on ebay and it usually has free postage.

Thanks for all your replies, I guess I'll just have to find a bunch of components I might need and do a big order. Maybe I should have given the company name, like mmcp42! Going a bit off topic, is there anything RS stocks that I should desperately have?