Samsung 20T202DA2JA Serial VFD Display with IR Remote using LCD Smartie

Hi all,

I came across this old thread on the read only archives about interfacing a Samsung 20T202DA2JA Serial VFD Display:

For a recent project of mine I needed to make this display compatible with LCD Smartie including keypad input and GPO pin support. Using the posted code as a guide I have put together a library that is capable of controlling the screen directly from the sketch with built in animations or using LCD Smartie. Check it out on github at:

The vfduino.ino sketch contains an example with 20 built in screens and 4 animation styles with a routine that monitors the serial input. When serial data is received the sketch exits intro/demo mode and accepts commands/text from the Serial Monitor or with a Matrix Orbital compatible program such as LCD Smartie. The xodusamp.ino sketch is the sketch my project runs and controls a small amplifier board with functions such as power on/off, input selection, and volume control using the IR Remote or over serial using the GPO commands.

Thanks for taking a look, hope this helps the next person who wishes to use this spectacular display in a project of theirs.

Mod on!