Self made Arduino USB v2.1 FT232 problem


I made an Arduino USB v2.1 board and soldered a FT232 chip but the USB failed to work :( In Windows XP's Device Manager, it report the USB Device's VID is 0000 (I think it should be 0403) and PID is also 0000 (should be 6001 or 6010).

Is that because the FT232 is dead? or simply some short circuits on the board? Please help, thanks in advance!



did you make the board yourself, or is it a premade board? If I recall correctly there is an error in the USB2.1 schematic, something liek the USB pins are reversed. Not sure, but I remember something like that.


Thanks Daniel,

I made the board myself (download the Eagle Cad file from the hardware page). I've checked the board again, seems no short circuit, but it still not working...

Thanks! genio

I will ask the folks who are designing Freeduino.. I remeber them saying something about an error in the published files.


PS: In the meantime, let's see some pictures, it sounds really interesting!

I have a board assembled using the USB 2.1 schematics and I see VID 0403 and PID 6001.

If you see zeros, then I think it is some pins that are either disconnected or shorted. How badly was the FT232BL treated during the soldering process?

Are you using a 6MHz oscillator?

And responding to Daniel's doubt, the Arduino USB 2.1 files does not have the USB pins inverted.

Hmm. Did the schematic you used match the schematic that is currently on the web site? For a while, the USB connector was shown wired “backward” (both power and data, IIRC), but I think the current version is correct.

hey in any case the Freeduino files are correct! The only error we could find in our prototype run was that the RX/TX labels next to pins 0/1 are reversed.

wow~ thanks for all the replies!

Some of the connect points on both sides of the PCB board are not connected yet, maybe I should finish solder every components first.

I'll report the result later, thanks!

yeah do the vias and then take some pictures! We will help you to make it work.


After soldered almost every component, except for the DC connector, the FT232 seems working. I've installed the USB driver successfully, and the Device Manager recognized it as a 'Serial Converter'. However, the LED doesn't light up... I'll try to connect DC power later.

Thanks a lot!

I soldered every component and the LED finally light up :-)

Genio, we didn't know you had a work in progress when you reported the problem. We are glad your board is working now and COMPLETE!

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: