Servos powered by nano v3.0 at mega 328p

Hi, just wondering if this board can power 2 RC servos without melting down.


Hi @Kirwin ,

In general, the servo power consumes a lot of current.
What is the model of your servo.

RV mineirin

Servos probably will be or equivalent to a TIANKONGRC MG995
AND A TIANKONGRC micro servo SG90.

Thank you

I’m hoping to avoid using a motor controller or the larger Uno board. The 2 servos will be mounted in a Halloween skull and the large servo turning the head and the micro servo opening and closing the jaw.
I’m hoping I can fit the board inside the skull so it needs to be small.

Power the servos from 6V battery (4 AA batteries).


Feed the battery 6V to a step up converter ( MT3608) set to 8V.

Feed the 8V to the Arduino Vin pin.

Use a boost converter like this:

Ok so that’s all need to drive the servos through the micro controller?

Thanks so much


You will need to solder things together though.

Awsum!!! Thanks so much again

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Hi Larry,
Quick question. Just wondering why I need 8 volts to power 5 volt servos. What would happen if I just powered the servos directly through the 6 volt battery pack?


LarryD's schematic in post #7 shows 6V going to the servos, not 8V. The 8V goes to the Vin of the Nano.

Yes thats right. Sorry. My bad. Thanks for pointing that out.

We use the Boost Converter to make 8V for the Arduino Vin pin.

As the batteries discharge (say to 5V) the Vin pin still remains at 8V, therefore the Arduino will not be starved when the battery voltage decreases.

Thanks for explaining it to me. Makes sense now.

Best wishes

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